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Sunday, April 24, 2011

what to do if your car suddenly accelerated

sudden acceleration is the result of damage to the vehicle electronic system that controls the powertrain. Before 1995, most of unintended acceleration incidents happened as the vehicle is shifted from park to drive. After 1995, changes in vehicle electronics design The most change automatic defect mechanisms and incidents of unintended acceleration occurred when the vehicle while move the vehicle vehicle with automatic transmission, the computer can also use braking. In short power sources, engine braking works by shifting into a lower gear. Engine braking is a technique familiar to those who often drive a vehicle with manual transmission. Most recent-model vehicles with the transmission automatic braking is automatic using the machine.For drivers of vehicles with automatic transmissions that have been using the engine braking, the engine that accelerates out of control unable to provide additional braking power. An acceleration system is functioning only negate the vehicle braking system's ability to utilize the engine braking, and therefore reduce the chance that the driver bring the vehicle under control. The effectiveness of automobile brakes are very dependent on car speed, brake, contact between tire and road, and the condition of the road. Slower rotating machine creates a vacuum pressure. Combined with the shift downward, which can help bring your car to stop. This is known as engine braking, and modern automatic transmissions use it to help your car brakes normally.Engine braking only works if the engine spin more slowly, however. If the vehicle becomes jammed the gas pedal, the engine was still roaring will reduce the braking ability of cars in addition to increasing speed. This experience is one familiar to hundreds of Americans who have experienced the unbridled acceleration suddenly in the latest model car.

What to do

Stopping Distance During Sudden Acceleration
put the vehicle into neutral.
remove the ignition key to stop the operation of the vehicle completely.
owners should put their car in neutral, took him to stop and call their dealer
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