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Saturday, March 10, 2012

red and white rose wallpaper

red rose wallpaper
red and white rose wallpaper
red and white rose wallpaper

What's on your mind when you receive a sprig or more rose from someone you hold dear? can you read the language of flowers [floriography] you have received?
of course make your heart happy, but don't to misinterpreting or even do not understand the meaning and significance contained of roses given to you before you give roses better you understand the meaning and the meaning of the roses are becoming your choice to give to someone who very special in your life today.

  1. Red Roses: used to express feelings of love to your partner, your loved one. Red Roses also means respect and courage.
  2. Pink Roses: the Roses pink describes happiness, rose This is used to express thanks, expressing the feelings of AWE and sympathy to the people intended.
  3. Peach Roses: the Roses is used to express a sense of friendship and the brotherhood, admiration and respect to others.
  4. Yellow Roses: according to the symbol of the victorian, color yellow describe love Platonic and according to some sources in some countries could be the coat of arms jealousy
  5. Rose Green: the rose symbolizes the prosperous new life may or symbolizes the desire for the restoration of good health.
  6. White Roses: White Rose has meaning chastity, humility, a tribute ... White Rose is the most neutral colors in different the situation and conditions.
  7. Orange Roses: redefines the enthusiasm, energy, desire. This rose to conveying a sense of pride in the achievement of something or the celebration of an event.
  8. Rose Purple representing the symbol of perfection of charm, this rose to express feelings of love at first sight.
  9. Blue Roses: the Roses symbolised the mystery or something in want However could not be achieved.
  10. Black Rose: a rose black delivered the demise of feeling or idea, send Black roses to others showing the death of a relationship.
Red roses and white: meaning I love you so much very sincere.

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